Explore this week’s Carnival of Education!

The 190th Blog Carnival of Education is up at Steve Spangler’s site.  And, by the way, how cool is it to have one of my entries right next to a mention of appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show?

There are a few really thought-provoking posts that you should check out in this week’s Carnival, including one about the struggle to encourage voting and one about the dangers of covering for a student.  And Steve’s finale is gratifying to those of us in the second-oldest profession:

To those genuine educators and parents who submitted their own or someone else’s excellent blog post this week, I thank you.  Our children thank you.  And our nation thanks you.

Our schools, whether they be down the block or around the kitchen table, are the hope of the future.  Our children deserve the best . Let’s give it to them.

Thanks, Steve.  Tell Ellen I said hi.

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