I’ve been an avid reader on the Web for a while now, as I know many of you are. I’ve had RSS reader apps (Google Reader RIP, Feedly, Reeder), read-later apps (Pocket, Instapaper) and even highlighting apps (Diigo). But until now, I needed to stitch together different tools to do all of those things. Sometimes I had to open several tabs/apps at once and that usually meant reading less.

Enter Reader from the good people at Readwise. It was just released in beta last week and it blows my mind. There is FAR more to this app than I can describe in this space, but suffice to say that it brings in your ebooks, Twitter lists, YouTube videos, and RSS feeds and presents them to you for reading/highlighting/sharing/archiving. It does it all in a super simple app that is SO much more powerful than it looks. I can now highlight important passages from what I’m reading and search for those passages later. I can use little chunks of time to catch up with “Quick Reads” or sit on the couch and dive into something longer. It’s acquisition, curation, and consumption all in one place.

Check out the beta app here.