A Holiday Gift for iPhone Users

As someone who gets paid to help people use iPhones, I thought I would take a moment to share a feature of iOS that many people don’t know about.  It’s a feature designed for people with focus issues, autism, or physical disabilities.  But it’s also very handy when you want to let a young child use your iPhone, but you don’t want them rummaging around in your apps and personal information.  Watch the short (3-minute) video below to learn how easy it is.  And take some time with your loved ones this winter to relax and enjoy the company.

One thought on “A Holiday Gift for iPhone Users

  1. Dug the video, Paul!

    For your next post, write about how you made it. I can see lots of teacher applications for short tutorials like that one.

    Hope you are well and happy — and that we connect sooner rather than later!

    Rock on,


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