A Year of Writing

11195936364_e08371174dPrepare for the return of Scripted Spontaneity in your feedreader, inbox, and–most importantly–your mind!

It’s been a long few months of managing the multiple hats that I wear, but one of my personal goals for 2016 is to focus more on my writing.  As a result, I will be adding more original content here, but also posting excerpts on the blog from some of my other writing adventures.  These projects include:

  • The publication of my first book, co-authored with my friend, mentor, and drinking buddy Bill Ferriter.  Bill did most of the hard work, but I chose all of the unicorns-jumping-over-rainbows photos for the jacket.  Look for this one on your physical and virtual book shelves this summer.
  • The renewal of my National Board certification, which leads to hours of reflection and metacognition about what I do in the classroom.  This will be sure to elicit a chuckle and a tear or two.
  • Some columns for the Fusion Yearbooks blog.  Covering a wide range of educational issues, I plan to post the supplemental materials and clippings from the cutting room floor in this space.

I’m sure that other bits and bytes will find their way to this blog, so I hope that you will check back in regularly.

photo credit: Typebars II via photopin (license)

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