A Quote and a Winner

First, I want to congratulate Kristina Watts who won the comment contest last month and will receive a copy of “The Braided Path” by Donna Glee Williams which I reviewed a few weeks ago.  The interest in the contest was strong and I plan to have another soon, so stay tuned.

Second, since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another item from my news feed.  This week, I’d like to point you to the fantastic Shanker Blog.  The smart minds there blog about ed policy issues and research in a way that puts these topics within the grasp of educators everywhere.

In a recent post, Matt Di Carlo wrote,

“I can fully understand the need to avoid complacency, but acknowledging that even the most effective educational interventions require patience and realism is not tantamount to maintaining low expectations, or admitting students can’t learn.”

Here Di Carlo has expressed perfectly the push-and-pull of those who want tangible change now and those who recognize the multi-generational nature of the achievement gap.  But, how do we (and by “we”, I really mean “policy makers”) maintain the sort of intensity and drive over decades that are needed to effect real change?

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