Work-at-Home Plus/Delta

plus-delta-pic2-300x154My last post spurred some discussion on Twitter and my inbox about the pros and cons of working at home.  I decided to publish my list here.

+ (Things I like about working at home)

  • Drop the kids off at the pool” whenever you need to, and in a friendly bathroom.
  • Midday kisses from my lovely wife (and that’s it.  Nothing more.  Gotta keep up the professionalism.)
  • Get the most done when I have the most energy (early) and taper off as I lose focus (afternoon), unless I feel like caffeinating.
  • Trying out all of the cool teleconference/video chat/collaboration tools I’ve been reading about for years
  • Can stay up late playing “Skyrim” and it doesn’t affect anyone else (except maybe the barista the next morning)

△ (Things I would change if I could)

  • Temptations… all of the temptations: Netflix, Hulu, iTunes Radio, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…
  • The guilt I feel about leaving the 97 boys that I most recently taught
  • The feeling that I’m “always on” and my own difficulty switching out of work mode
  • The way I can’t seem to go more than an hour without a bathroom break
  • The look others give you when you say, “I work from home now”.  It’s half jealousy and half this:


The Bottom Line?  I don’t want my Work-at-Home experience to play out like The Oatmeal predicts.

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