New Projects and New Slide Decks

This summer, I have been fortunate to be invited to present in a variety of locations and on a variety of topics.  I’ve listed a few of them below, and I’d love feedback about what you think should be included when discussing any of these.

  • LiveScribe Smartpens: Flipping Science Instruction 
  • Evernote: Capture it when you see it; Find it when you need it
  • Blogging as Reflection
  • Quick Formative Assessment with MasteryConnect (for Science teachers)
  • Using iPads to improve science literacy (for Science teachers)

As they get closer, I’ll be posting my slide decks and handouts here on the blog, so check back often.

4 thoughts on “New Projects and New Slide Decks

    1. Thanks for the tip, Justin. I realized recently that I don’t really use tags as well as I should, but I think it’s because as a Premium member they index all of my content. Free users probably need the tags more, right?


  1. How did your presentations go, Paul?

    Sorry I forgot to get back to you on the tags. I don’t use tags much either (I’m a premium user too). It seems like notebooks for the big things and a few tags for finer granularity.


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