Assessment Voicethread: Day Two

In the words of one Voicethread contributor, “Holy buckets!”.  Today has been a fantastic chance to learn with us about Formative Assessment and Grading.  The various voices who have been participating were joined by new ones and the resulting conversation was spirited and informative.  I found myself at time nodding along, and at other times reaching for the right words to respond.  This is why I love the opportunity to interact with so many bright minds on such a relevant issue.

If you haven’t had a chance to check in today, here are few of the high points:

Experts and veteran educators alike have chimed in about the issue of test retakes and multiple opportunities to show mastery.  Commentor Jason writes,

“Why should [struggling] students persist if they’ve been taught that a test happens and then the class moves on.”

This is a powerful statement that is really at the heart of why it’s so important to reach out to the low-performing students in your class and show them pride of personal achievement.

On another slide about the qualities of true feedback, Dylan Williams says,

“Feedback should be more work for the recipient than the donor.”

This is a simple, yet important idea that I myself have missed for some time.  I spend countless hours trying to craft just the right response to a student’s assessment submission only to watch the student toss his paper in the trash.  We need to implement teaching and assessment practices that value our time while provided meaningful opportunities for reflection and thinking for our students.


The conversation is far from over!  Come by the Voicethread and share your views on these and several other topics related to grading and assessment.  I promise you won’t regret the effort.

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