Assessment Voicethread: Day One

Today, the Voicethread conversation that I am moderating about Formative Assessment and Grading began with a bang.  Several Solution Tree authors, including Kim Bailey and Chris Jakicic (who have a new book on Common Formative Assessments hitting bookshelves this month), have chimed in with their insights.  Lots of educators are looking in, and quite a few are sharing their perspectives and questions.

One thread that is emerging is the conflict between the assessment educators know will benefit learning and the time it takes for this kind of feedback to be generated.  District curriculum specialist (and former math teacher) Matt says,

“When you have 120 kids, what does that feedback look like?  What does that thinking look like?”

What a great question, huh?  How can we provide effective, personalized feedback to large numbers of students?

Elsewhere, English-Language Arts teacher Erica describes the success that her PLC has had planning efficient writing instruction by “beginning with the end in mind”.

There are lots more interesting topics just starting to emerge on the various slides in the Voicethread conversation.  So, stop by before it ends–on Saturday night–and join the discussion!

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