Join us for an Assessment Discussion in October

Long-time Scripted Spontaneity readers may remember that my relationship with education publisher Solution Tree has provided opportunities for us to discuss some of the most pressing educational issues of the day with some very knowledgeable people.

Well, a similar experience will be presenting itself in just a few weeks.  Solution Tree is bringing together some of the most amazing assessment experts in the world to have an online discussion with administrators, educators, and members of the public.  As you might guess, the opportunity to moderate a discussion about one of my favorite topics in education has me pretty psyched!  The conversation will be hosted on Voicethread, with this blog serving as the hub for news and instructions.

So, stay tuned for more information, including how you can get in on the discussion about how we measure what our students have learned.

5 thoughts on “Join us for an Assessment Discussion in October

  1. Wow – what a great opportunity! I’ve participated in a few similar voicethread conversations over at the Tempered Radical and found them to be very engaging. I’m looking forward to the discussion as well.


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