Is it hiatuses or hiatii?

I seem to make a habit of taking unexpected time off from blogging and then apologizing when I return.  Every six months or so, I get busy or lose focus or just get tired.  Weeks later I crawl back to this page with my hat in my hand.  I plan to break that habit right here and now.

I have come to realize that blogging is a selfish activity–I blog to develop my writing skills, to learn from others, to explore current issues in education, and (occasionally) to vent frustration.  I do it because it feels good and, to be honest, it feeds my ego a bit.

Of course, I hope that others benefit from my writing.  I hope that Scripted Spontaneity provides a forum for discussing matters of interest to educators, parents, and others.  I try to respect all opinions and ask interesting questions.  But, in the end, it’s all about me.

And, for that reason, I am just going to get back to blogging without any fanfare… because I need it now and I haven’t needed it over the past couple of months.

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