Innovation Not Welcome

Warning: The following message is brought you by FRUSTRATION.  Take it for what it’s worth.

My district has created what should (at first glance) be a fantastic tool.  It’s an online, searchable, hyperlinked pacing guide for every subject and grade level.  It is easy to navigate and, in most cases, chock-full of lesson plans.  All of it is ready-to-use.

And, that is the problem.  The driving force behind this effort was a curriculum audit that pointed to inconsistent and low-quality implementation of the state-mandated curriculum.  The district’s solution?

Mandate that all teachers follow this pacing guide… to… the… letter.  Perhaps, they should have listened to those who know:

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What are we creating in our students and our teachers when we stifle innovation in the interest of standardization and raising up the lowest achievers (teachers and students)?  Or, in other words:

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