More Sunshine

The feedback to a recent post, in praise of our new state teacher evaluation system, was so positive I felt I had to follow up with more optimism.  This time, I’ve been forced to recant my prior misgivings about administrators:[blackbirdpie url=”″%5D

In the past, I have been disappointed in the type of individuals who decide to pursue careers in school administration.  In my experience, mostly beyond my own building, many admins tend to be folks who discovered a knack for leadership and bureaucracy while in the classroom.  They migrate to the main office and are fairly successful in many of the duties asked of them.

Where they tend to fail is in their primary role: instructional leader.  You see, far too many of them never truly get good at this job before they move on to the “next” level.  As a result, they are ill-prepared to offer meaningful advice to teachers and struggle to gain the respect of those who strive for excellence in the classroom.

This post, however, is about one of my own Assistant Principals.  She has really impressed me with her intelligence and pedagogical know-how.  I honestly feel, after several in-depth conversations with her, that I can learn alot from her… and be an active cheerleader for her initiatives.

Have you had a similar experience?

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