Less is more

Those of you who have read Scripted Spontaneity for more than a few months probably know already that I struggle to keep up a regular posting schedule.  It’s not that I don’t like writing, or that I don’t have things to write about, but rather that I tend to put other responsibilities above the call to blog.

Then, my good friend and edublogger extraordinaire, Bill Ferriter, posted the third in a series of really helpful pieces on building a strong education blog.  His most recent piece really hit home for me, and has pushed my thinking toward setting up a schedule for regular posting here at SS.

The key, as Bill articulates it, is to focus on more frequent, shorter posts.  I couldn’t agree more, and that’s what Scripted Spontaneity will look like in the near future.

I will be trying to stick to a twice-weekly writing schedule with new articles being posted on Sundays and Thursdays.  Some of these will remain longer (250-500 words) and include my take on pressing issues (either for me or the world of education reform).  Other posts will be shorter, and may include a website, document, book, and or other resource that I have found useful.  I am also planning some science posts that delve into topics related to teaching science and interesting bits of new research.

I hope that the readers of this little outpost on the web will enjoy the new content and the predictability of what is shared here.  If not, be sure to let me know in the comments below any related post.

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