21st Century Skills Conversation: Day 2

The second day of our asynchronous discussion around 21st Century Skills has yielded more intriguing questions.  We’ve seen several of the contributors, including Chris Dede and Nancy Frey, add in their two cents worth on the other themes, creating a unique learning environment for all.

My favorite strand today has been the ongoing back-and-forth about Problem Based Learning.  Chris Dede has added some real insight about the ability of the human brain to learn simple skills in the context of more complex ones, rather than prior to the complexity.  This flies so brazenly in the face of the curricula in place in most public schools.  Does reform need to begin there?

It’s not too late to join in the conversation!  Take a few minutes of your day tomorrow or Saturday and share your experience with us.  You’ll take away something meaningful, and add to the learning going on for everyone.

Your task for Day 3 is to ask a difficult question.  Push someone’s thinking!

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