21st Century Skills: A Conversation

Reading to the Kindergarten Students
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kathy Cassidy

It seems that every day I read another article or blog post about twenty-first century skills, their merits, and the hype that surrounds them.  Some question the significance of skills that have been championed for decades, and others cringe at the use of buzzwords like “twenty-first century” and “digital natives”.  I have found myself on both sides of this issue, and seeking more information about it.

I just finished reading a new anthology that has opened my eyes to some of the biggest issues related to this idea, and really pushed my thinking on the topic.  It’s called “21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Student Learn”, and it includes chapters from the likes of Linda Darling-Hammond, Will Richardson, and Howard Gardner.  PLC experts, Rick and Becky DuFour have contributed and so have Problem-Based Learning guru John Barell and cooperative learning experts David and Roger Johnson.  You can find out more about the book at the publisher’s page here.  I am lucky enough to be moderating an online conversation with several of the well-known contributors. It’s sure to be both informative and a bit contentious.

Since we all have some sort of opinion about the future of education, I encourage you to bring your views and expertise and join the discussion June 16-19 on Voicethread.  Check back here for more information in the coming weeks.

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