The rumors of my demise…

boomerangIt has been a long couple of months, and I apologize for my absence from this space.  The reasons for my hiatus are simple:


  1. My aforementioned change of teaching venue became several orders of magnitude more complicated when two of my three teammates were forced to stay home for the second quarter of the academic year to deal with personal crises.  My team leader and I stepped up to the challenge of maintaining order in the face of shuffling substitute teachers and the student behaviors that come with this condition.  She and I now have a closer working relationship than we ever would have formed, and we are now coasting into our last week before a month of track-out/holiday break.  This has led to a nice post on the perfect substitute teacher, which should be up in the next few days–barring any excessive tryptophan-induced slumber.
  2. My work for the soon-to-be-live TeachHub website has kept my “free time” to a minimum, not that a full-time teacher/department chair and father of two small children has much of that to go around anyway.  I expect some of my writing to be available there as soon as the first of the year, but be sure to follow the progress here.

Regardless of the cause, the effect has been a sense of detachment and a longing to be back “in the loop”.  So, stay tuned for several new posts in the next few days.  I’m bringing the Spontaneity back!

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