Funniest Dad on the Web

What began as appreciation for his Flickr tools (which, by the way, are useless to me now that Flickr is blocked by my school district’s web filters), has shifted to his personal blog about his family.

John Watson has so many projects that listing them all here would do them a disservice. But, I highly recommend subscribing to the feed for his blog called Flagrant Disregard. Most of the posts are just quotes from conversations with his children (ala “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”), but they have had my wife and I laughing in parental empathy for months. One of his recent posts, entitled “On Monkeys” is a great example:

Daughter: Can I get a monkey?
Me: No.
Daughter: Why not?
Me: Monkeys are wild animals.
Daughter: But I could give them a banana and they’d come to me.
Me: But they’re still wild.
Daughter: Are there tame monkeys?
Me: I don’t think so.
Daughter: I wish the president would start a company that trained monkeys.
Me: Now that you mention it, that would explain a lot.

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